Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hey There!
Well it has been a short 5 weeks and a wonderful journey of husky raising. My pups will be 6 weeks old next week and we will soon send them off with a leash,bag of food and a blessing with there new caregivers. We had a successful 7 puppy litter this go-around, four boys and 3 girls.
Looking forward to next week to start a new bible study of the book of Daniel. I am ready for a deeper dive into the word this year and that should give me a upstart into deepness.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the birthday party for my children especially the wonderful company.

Had company today! Had a friend from church who bought a puppy last year come over to see our new litter. That was nice to see the children play again with the puppies.

My Daddy will be missed for the next Month since he is on a business trip in Holland along with my baby brother. I will also miss my Mother who will be off to the West to see family for a couple of weeks.
Looking forward to relaxing with family on this wonderful cold Sunday.
Blessed be the Name of The Lord

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Party Time!

Today we celebrated Lance and AnnElise's birthday! We had a great family birthday celebration...and a few friends, too :) We can't wait to post pictures so you can see the beautiful cakes Aunt Momo made them; Lance's was a scratch chocolate cake with his name in blue icing, and AnnElise's was a yummy strawberry confection decorated in pink and peach frosting flowers! Later, they had a Transformers pinata that we all took a swing at...ultimately ending in a candy hurricane...EVERYWHERE. FUN :) Of course, we all enjoyed watching them tear open their gifts...the childlike wonder in their eyes is always an inspiration to sit back, take a deep breath, and take in the world around us. Children are such a blessing!

We'll post pictures asap!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jenn made me join's true.

So, Kenny and Jenn Sinclair came over tonight. We held puppies, ate dinner, drank coffee and played Wii boxing. At that point, Jenn and I got I joined blogspot (after searching youtube for various entertainment). You can too! It's totally free...and totally satisfying! This way...we can ALL keep in touch...Hoorah! (By the way, not only did Jenn join blogspot for me, but she is also writing my first blog.) Photos to Taboo!