Thursday, February 25, 2010

New year, New season!

A Little Smack on the cheek!
Princess's AnnElise and Annabelle
Cruising in the royal cruiser!
Jack and Lance duel it out!
Hey! that's the last piece!
The men of the family
party time!
The Kuys strike a pose
Caleb, Jack, and Lance
7 baby!
Christmas @ the Johnsons
Mommy and Lance
Lance get's his first plane ride!
Gustavius Adolphus III
  • The boys; Luxemburg Finney, Gus3, and Doughboy Fickle
Doughboy fickle
Luxemburg with Princess AnnElise

The Lord has truly blessed us with so much. Lance and AnnElise Had birthdays and there's a third one coming up in August! Last month we lost a dear and precious friend that we'll never forget......Gus was a good and faithful companion. He will be missed. Chena had her 8th and final litter, consisting of only 3 boys! Gustavius Adolphus, Luxemburg finney, and Doughboy Fickle. Until next time...Cheers! and Blessings to all!